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Chiang Mai trip – 21 Oct 14

I had Thai porridge for breakfast and there are those crunchy yellow cracker which is actually fried noodle but it doesn't taste like noodle at all. I have asked Noot to help me called Tom Yum Thai Cooking yesterday to reconfirm the time but nobody answered. However Oun from Tom Yum Thai Cooking turn up promptly at 8.30am today but we haven't finished our breakfast yet so he went to fetch another student before returning.

We first visited Som Phet market which is located at Moon Muang Road Soi 6, inside the old city wall.
Som Phet market

Oun who is the driver cum cooking instructor showed us the ingredients which are required for cooking Thai food. There are only 3 students today including both of us and a Spanish guy so we have the privilege of having quality attention from Oun. Oun gave us the list of dishes which we can choose what to cook today and from there he will decides what are the ingredients to purchase.
Buying ingredients for the cooking class

After buying the ingredients, we head straight to the cooking class venue which is actually a residential house. The house is spacious as there are dinning area, preparation food area, cooking area and helper's kitchen.
Cooking class venue
Photos of the cooking class students

We had pomelo and langsat which Oun bought from the market just now before we start the cooking lesson.
Pomelo and langsat

The dishes which I have chosen are Pad Thai, Hot and Spicy Pork Soup, Papaya Salad and Greem Curry. The first dish banana springroll and the last dish mango sticky rice are taught to all students. We cooked one dish and ate it before cooking the next dish and our stomach are very full when we are eating the last dish.
Preparing the ingredients
Yummy dishes cooked by Mr & Mrs Koh

Oun helped us to take photos when we are cooking and they are available for download in facebook. A recipe book is also given to us at the end of the class.
Recipe book and photos taken by Oun
Oun and students

After the cooking class, we requested Oun to drop us at Warorot market (open until 5pm). Warorot market or Kad Laung sell almost anything and things are cheap which is why local Thai will come here when they come to Chiang Mai. I have gotten a Warorot map from Seven Senses Guesthouse which I have shared in the link.
Chinatown and Warorot market

One of the must buy at Warorot market is sai ua (ไส้อั่ว) which is a northern Thai grilled sausage. The most famous sai ua is from Dam Rong (ดำรงค์) at 1st level in Warorot market, look out for the white and blue shop signboard at the corner.

The other food which we bought is Kalamae. It is a chewy sweets much like dodol made from molasses, sticky rice and coconut milk. We bought 2kg of mixed kalame flavours which cost THB150 ~ S$6 per kg.

We returned to Seven Senses Guesthouse for a rest before heading out for dinner. We took a songthaew to Aroon Rai (Add: 45 Th Kotchasan, East of Pratu Tha Phae, Chiang Mai & Opening hours: 4pm onwards). It is reputed to served the best curry in Chiang Mai which is shown on it's signboard. We ordered khao soi (curry noodle), sai ua (grilled pork sausage) and gaeng hang lay (northwestern ginger pork curry) and cha yen for THB240 ~ S$9 which is cheap. The gaeng hang lay is delicious and taste similar to the confinement ginger pork trotters. The khao soi is crunchy with the crispy noodle sprinkle on top and not very spicy. However, the sai ua is too spicy to our liking.
Dinner @ Aroon Rai

After dinner, we strolled to Lila Thai Massage. On the way, we passed by The Village Spa which diffuse a Zenness feel.
The Village Spa

We had 2hr Thai massage and 1hr body scrub for THB950 ~ S$37 which is considered a steal when compare to the pricing in Singapore. Hubby asked me why we never had body scrub in Bangkok and I told him that if we wanted to combine both massage and body scrub, then it will take up at least 3hr of our time and usually our itinerary in Bangkok is packed which don't allow such luxury.
Lila Thai Massage

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