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Bangkok & Hua Hin trip – 23 Dec 12

We had an early start today as we have to take a 3hr bus ride to Hua Hin. We had breakfast in the hotel as it was included. The breakfast is buffet style and the variety is not bad.
Breakfast @ Budacco

We then took BTS to Victory monument where we board the minibus to Hua Hin. Direction to the minibus: "Exit the Victory Monument skytrain and stay on the walkway above the traffic until you reach the circular section. Keep left, in a clockwise direction, and descend the first set of steps you come across. At ground level, there's a small market. Keep left through this to the road behind it. You'll be facing a hospital and all the minibuses are parked up there. Just ask any ticket seller for Hua Hin and you'll be pointed in the right direction. Minivans depart from Bangkok to Hua Hin, the first departure being at 5.30am and the last at 6pm."

We did not have any problem finding the minivan by following the instructions above. We purchased the minivan ticket for THB180 ~ S$7 each. The minivan will depart when the seats are fully filled up. We waited for about 15min before the minivan departs.
Minivan to Hua Hin
Ticket stall

The driver was driving quite fast and we reached Hua Hin in 2.5 hours. Usually the journey takes 3 hours. The minivan stopped at around Soi (Street) 70. From there, we walked to The Bee & B located at Soi 86. On the way, we passed by a temple and went in to pray.
Donation of roof tiles

While walking to The Bee & B, we passby the tourist centre and went in to pick up a Hua Hin map. The tourist centre is easy to recognise with it's white clock tower.
Hua Hin Tourist Centre

Finally after 20min of walking under the hot sun, we reached Soi 86 and we have to walked pass Grand Hotel before we saw rows of terrace house. I didnt know that The Bee & B is actually those typical bed and breakfast. When we reached, there was nobody inside the house and we asked around. It turns out that the receptionist went out and we waited for about 10min before the receptionist return. 

There are 4 rooms inside The Bee & B and the room which I have booked is the humblebee room. We were the only guest staying here for these 2 days and we have the whole house to ourselves. Hubby is a bit skeptical about living alone in this house. The receptionist Em is very friendly and she provide us with a list of recommend restaurant in Hua Hin. However I did not have the chance to visit any of these restaurants.
The Bee & B

We left our belongings in our room and went out. As Plearn Wan is relatively far from where we stay, we have to take a tuk tuk there. The tuk tuk rates here are fixed and we agreed with the driver at THB150 ~ S$6. It is about 10min tuk tuk ride from Hua Hin town to Plearn Wan.
In the tuk tuk

Plearn Wan is derived from a combination of the English words 'Play and Learn', together with a Thai word ‘Wan’ that means yesterday. Plearn Wan is also an eco vintage village as most of the tools and faculties are made of Green Board, a wood substitute made from recycled UHT boxes. Add: Plearnwan is located on Petchkasem Road, between Soi 38 and 40. Opening hours: Daily 11am - 12am. 

We spent almost an hour here browsing through the shops and cam-whoring. There are many vintage items here and the toys here reminds us of our childhood.
Plearn Warn

It's already 1.30pm and we are yet to have our lunch, we ordered some snacks but the food is mediocre.
Food stalls @ Plearn Wan

We then took a tuk tuk from Plearn Wan to Marukathaiyawan Palace. The Palace is really out of the way from the main road hence it's best to arrange return transport with the driver. We agreed with the tuk tuk driver at THB600 ~ S$24 for the return trip. It's expensive considered that the minivan ride from Bangkok to Hua Hin is only THB180.

Maruekhathayawan Palace (Palace of Love & Hope) pronounced as MA-ROO-KA-TAI-A-WAN. This palace is noted for three two-storeyed wooden pavilions facing the sea. It is proudly billed as "The Longest Golden Teak Palace in the World". Admission: THB30 for ground level and another THB30 for level one. Opening hours: Monday  Friday from 8.30am – 4pm, Weekend and Public Holidays from 8.30am – 5pm.

For those wearing skirts and sleeveless shirt, it's compulsory to rent a sarong to cover up and I came unprepared. We have to remove our shoes when going up to level one and shoe bag is provided. Photo taking is also not allowed at level one. What amused me is that the staff here will go around telling couples that hand holding is not allowed here. Level one is where the royals used to live and there are display of various rooms with the furniture intact. It's a pity that the pavilions are under renovation and covered under scaffold when we were here. 
Maruekhathayawan Palace
Cafe & souvenir shop

We spent about an hour at Maruekhathayawan Palace and left. On the way back, we asked the tuk tuk driver to drop us at Hua Hin railway station. It is Thailand's most beautiful train station of which the local people are very proud. The station is distinctive in red and yellow colour. The wooden building used to be a royal pavilion in Sanamchan Palace, Nakhon Pathom province. It was rebuilt at Hua Hin in 1968.
Hua Hin Railway Station

From the railway station, we walked to Jeck Be-Ak Restaurant. However it is not yet open for business and we walked around first. As we have ample of time, we decided to go for a foot massage. We had 1hr foot massage but the service is so so. After that, we walked around the night market which is located at Soi 72 and is open daily from 6pm - 11pm.
Hua Hin night market

Jeck Be-Ak Restaurant is a very popular hotpot restaurant patronise by the locals. It is not possible to book a table in advance. Add: 51/6 Dechanuchit Road, Hua Hin. Opening hours: 5.30pm - 8.30pm. When we reach at 6pm, queues are already forming but we didnt waited long for a table.
Jeck Be-Ak Restaurant

We ordered mixed (seafood & pork) hotpot, salad fresh prawn and steamed glass noodle with crab, thai ice tea and coffee for THB500 ~ S$20 which is really value for money. We waited half an hour for the food hence we ordered satay while waiting for the food. The salad is sweet and spicy and the prawns are very fresh. Both of us love the hotpot as the ingredients provided is a lot and the broth is very concentrated and rich.
Cheap and delicious dinner
The queue is still forming at 7.30pm when we left
Hua Hin street at night

There is another night market at Soi 86 in front of Grand Hotel which is very near where we are staying.
Grand night market

As we couldn't finish the steam glass noodles with crab, we take away for supper. The glass noodles has soak up the flavour which makes it so delicious.
Steam Glass Noodles with Crab

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